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Ace Financial Core Values

Our member area is a process of our core values.

To educate on safe, smart, financial fundamentals and strategies, advancing systematically your wealth and knowledge from an experienced street wise community effort.

To provide in one place, only the best educational library of master articles, resources and products, that we test and verify any product recommended "will do what it say’s it will do successfully.”

Our goal is to develop a strong financial path, creating and protecting wealth, building confidence to take control of your financial dreams, avoiding searching aimlessly in trial and error.

Educational Articles

Ace Financial is an educational resource library center that hosts wealth creation stories from experience or hind sight, that help you understand how to better fundamentally make financial decisions. Our information is geared to help avoid the mistakes, traps and cons artists that are around every corner that can reek havoc on your prosperity, and set you back from accomplishing the goals and dreams you desire.

These articles are a growing library, and there will be one article reference to a particular topic, that can be advanced with our members input and experiences. The idea behind this is to not have dozens of articles telling bits and pieces of the same story. You can get everything you need from reading the one master article.

If you have something you can add to the article or an entire story of your own or a topic you can bring to Ace Financial's value, we would love to hear you tell us your story! Even if you just ask us to bring advice about a subject and write an article, its our mission to advance this library with articles of interest by doing the research and growing the library.

Revenue Model and How We Fund Our Efforts

Ace Financial takes a lot of time to create all the education and bring the highest of quality material possible to our members, which we call top notch financial educational products, "That Do What They Say They Will Do, Successfully!" These products we research, cost money and some of them are very expensive. The funding for these products have to come from somewhere and the time and energy put into this project is valuable to creating a successful business model.

For this reason we have created a very affordable annual membership fee to access the article resources and the growing educational library. Time is energy and in order to provide a little financial backing and pay for these products to review and put out an analysis on the ones that do work, this small annual membership fee will help pay for this cost to build the best financial library that will benefit the members, (YOU!)


The money has to come from somewhere and life is not free by far so it is the goal of Ace Financial to make this site as affordable as possible and self funded for these projects. Eventually, we would like to eliminate this fee as we build wealth within the company, but as we get off the ground, we need your support and help! It is all very appreciated and respected as a contribution to the growth of this project and the future to make this site self funded with our investment model.

How Your Annual Membership Fee Is Broken Down

The price is $10 a year, and no plans are in place to raise this cost.

50% is dedicated towards the potential of paying you as a word of mouth referral, through your 2 tier commission based affiliate program. You can find details about that from the affiliate referral program centre. You can get paid to tell others about us through recommendations. The 1st tier will be 30% and the second tier is 20%. So just imagine if your word of mouth referrals found someone who told many people. We wanted to pay you for that 2nd generation growth and that is why we decided on a 2 tier referral program. 10 of your referrals could possibly turn into 100's of second generation referrals and commissions and you will get paid for life on the rebilling of the annual membership fee.

All revenue after affiliate costs will be broken down into 3 categories.

1) 30% for advertising, promotions and basic website costs. (The site is all designed and maintained by the CEO so it is not entirely imaculate in design, but functional and cost friendly)

2) 30% for product purchasing and testing

3) 40% towards a company portfolio, which will be invested into a safe dividend diversification of stocks for a goal return of 5% annually. Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 for this portfolio and once we achieve this, we will eliminate the fee and use the dividend income combined with other income models to fund the advertising, product testing and grow the portfolio income.

4) Additional revenue comes from PPC ads on logout pages or unused website real estate. Any sponsored ads that we send out with our news letter, affiliate income from awesome top notch products we reviewed and recommend as a pass that they work!

Please be kind and support this website and take advantage of anything you can use that may be able to help the growth of this site.

Purchases made of any Ace Financial product, will grant you a year free of the member area.

We appreciate your thought in supporting this site and helping us grow and build this great resource library and our effort to make it a entirely membership cost free website.

Products and Services We Promote That Are Tried Tested And True

There are many great products out there that may have some real value and secret to success, but we don't know what ones are based on farce and hype or are real value. These sales pages sometimes are just built on hype and our goal is to put the products to the test and only bring you value in the form of "it does what is says!" The goal is to only list the best of the best so if there is a product that is far superior than another, we may obsolete the one that is of lesser value if another does something very similar but better.

In aspect of platforms and services, we may not be able to test all services. We may have to come to a vote of confidence from our membership and reviews to promote what is the best quality of services.

Resource Links and App's

With in the rooms of interest that host topic specific articles, there are columns as well that host app's and resource links. There are some great links and app's so share them so we can update the member area.

The Community Within The Membership

Even though this member area seems like it is you and the content, the value behind the member area is what you as a member can bring in the form of knowledge to advance the member area for everyone.

Your participation is very welcomed. You have a tip you can add. Something you can add to an article that you don't see. Do you have a story that can be added to the article base that can help others learn from your mistakes or great experiences. Do you have a product or services you really found valuable that others may benefit from or would like Ace Financial to test.

This is where the true value comes into play within the member area and how our street wise sense can build this resource library with great financial advancing articles, strategies, products and service reviews.

We are not a forum as there are many forums out there that are great for discussions on topics, the member area is designed to keep information neat and tidy and easily found based on a topic where information is archived within one master copy article, if possible. However, the need for a temporary discussion forum for members may be necessary and when the time comes, I will add this feature, most definitely. I want to engage our members.

When a forum is installed and a topic of interest is opened for discussion to learn all we can, the information will all be gathered and then archived as an article resource. That topic for discussion will be closed and deleted. Forums will not tolerate spam from our members and repeat offenses will get you removed from our member area.

Ace Financial is looking into adding a Facebook plug in within a category or possibly each article where members can participate in a contribution of advice or knowledge so we can eliminate the need to statically submit tickets for updates on articles. We will use this information to upgrade the main article, and then delete the comments. At this time it is uncertain if this should be opened to allow all comments to be posted without admin approval. It has been noticed that moderation is needed on most facebook pages for obvious reasons.

We don't want spam and any kind of rude comments, it is a respectful environment and if the threads are chosen to be opened at first, please do not spoil this openness for everyone.

How To Submit Your Articles, Updates, Inquires, Suggestions, Feedback, Testimonials and Product Suggestions/Requests

All submissions are done through our customer support center, through a support ticket or if you would like you can post on our Facebook Page. Any FAQ's please read our knowledge base through the customer support center first, then submit the question if it can't be answered. Customer Support

Thank you for all your support and keeping this place great and positive.

Cameron Edwards.